Piano and More
Piano and more Piano and more
Teaching Breakthrough Australian Piano methods which have students playing immediately!
Shehmae Ho

Play a Story/Play a Window
(4 years to adults)

Piano improvisation taught in a way that is creative, expressive and immediately achievable through the use of music motifs.

Students learn:
  • major/minor chords
  • chromatic, whole-tone and pentatonic scale
  • blues scale and blues riffs
  • melodic, rhythmic and accompaniment styles
  • sustain pedal familiarity
  • musical dynamics

Great precursor to Simply Music.

Simply Music
(5 - 105)

Immediately play songs with both hands together

  • Great-sounding Pop, Blues, Classical, & Accompaniment pieces
  • Fast & unprecedented results
  • Fun Group Classes
  • Unique tactile, experiential, & multi-sensory, learn-by-doing approach
  • Play first, read later, just like how languages are learnt

Merging her passions, skills and knowledge in psychology, education, and the creative arts, Sheh-Mae delivers a fresh and dynamic approach to teaching piano that is unique, fun, and exciting.