Piano and More


Shehmae has merged her interests, passions, skills and knowledge in psychology, education and the creative arts, to deliver a fresh and dynamic approach to teaching piano that is unique, fun, and exciting.


Shehmae studied traditional classical piano, first in Singapore, where she sat for piano exams under the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (London) and then in Australia under AMEB. She teaches two revolutionary Australian piano programs (Simply Music and Innermusician) to children and adults, from 4 years and up. Since starting in 2007, she has seen how quickly learning the piano became a positive influence on the lives of her students and their families.

Shehmae loves to compose, play, and learn different styles of music, and is passionate about ongoing education. Her psychology background equips her with valuable insights into the developmental needs of her students. She is equally at home teaching those with processing or developmental issues as well as the gifted.

Her main goal is to use the piano to open up a world where every student will be able to tap into his/her own musicality and make music a valuable and life-long friend. In doing so, s/he will experience playing as a natural form of self-expression, have the ability to play a huge repertoire covering a vast array of musical styles, and have the ability to self-generate, improvise, and create their own music. This includes developing a strong foundation in music reading and theory.


As a registered psychologist, she spent ten years working with people from all walks of life: tertiary students, teachers/lecturers, apprentices, couples, families, children on the Autism spectrum, and various communities. She covered issues, from stress, anxiety, depression, drug dependence, to careers & relationship counselling, suicide prevention and critical incident management. Her work in running workshops in study skills, change management, art as therapy, stress management and relaxation provided her with a firm grasp in people skills, managing groups and different learning styles. Shehmae earned a Bachelor of Psychology from Murdoch University (WA), and a Master of Counselling Psychology from Latrobe University (VIC).

Creative Arts

Passionate about the arts, Shehmae enjoys different styles of music, and forms of self expression: 2 years in a harmonica band performing Chinese songs; 2 intensive months learning to perform in a Cuban Son band; and has been dancing Cuban Salsa for more than a decade. A few of her original art pieces have been in small exhibitions along with some privately commissioned works. Her last collaboration was with Dhana Inc., a B corporation, where a few of her designs have been used in their range of organic, ecological & sustainable clothing.